Maissa Zemni

How can we get engaged in environmental issues and learn about differents ocean-related subjects?

This was the theme of a panel organized by Ocean Wise, a Canadian association that works on ocean-related projects intended to reduce plastic production. The panel took place (online) this past February 19 and featured four panelists. I represented Chantiers jeunesse as one of them. Many young people working on environmental issues were present, including Aleks Spasevski, Mena Wallace, and Mélanie Downer, as well as event organizer Lisa Chen. 

I was able to discuss several issues, as well as my environmentally oriented individual social entrepreneurship project with Chantiers jeunesse. I’m currently creating a trilingual (French, English and Arabic) documentary to raise awareness about saving our oceans among youth in my community, as well as in other countries. The purpose of my project is to make a measurable impact. To do so, I’m using the hashtag #sauvonsnoseaux (#saveourwaterways) and committing to cleaning up litter near the Outaouais river this summer (2022).

No matter where you are, you can have a real impact on the world.

I collaborated with the Canadian organization 1000 Tonnes, that aims to remove 1,000 tons of litter from waterways and oceans. They are also featured in the documentary.

The panel organized by Ocean Wise was a great opportunity for me to share my point of view on a number of environmental issues, alongside other passionnate individuals.


Maissa Zemin – CJ Ambassador