About chantiers jeunesse

Since 1980, Chantiers jeunesse has been encouraging young adults from Canada and overseas to « engage with the world » by taking part in local and international volunteering projects. Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit and a community of people gathered around common objectives: personal and social development of young adults and the bettering of local communities, in Canada or overseas.


We guide motivated young adults to volunteering opportunities in 35 countries or Europe, Asia or North America (including Canada) organized by the members of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations: workcamps.


Chantiers jeunesse’s community is based on values of intercultural sharing, solidarity, respect of differences and involvement.


Whether you are a former volunteer, representative of a community in need of a helping hand or just curious, we invite you to get involved with Chantiers jeunesse and discover the richness of this ever expanding community.


A workcamp ? What's that ?

A workcamp or « chantier » is a voluntary work project carried out by a group of young adults recruited all around the world. These projects are organized by local non-profits in need of some help.


It could be… working with disabled children’s in Poland, participating to a photo marathon in Iceland, restoring a medieval castle in France or promoting environmental sustainability in Japan. Every community’s need is different and there is a project for every volunteer.


It’s an opportunity to learn: about a specific type of work, about others and their culture and, perhaps more importantly, about oneself.