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Toronto, August 9, 2023 – The non-profit organization Students For Music and Wellness (SFMW) is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new program, the High School Outreach (HSO) Initiative, aimed at creating intergenerational connections and supporting seniors through music.

As our society continues to age and the needs of seniors for support and well-being increase, SFMW is committed to making a meaningful difference by connecting talented young musicians with the elderly in our community. According to projections, the senior population is expected to grow by 68% over the next 20 years, underscoring the crucial importance of forging meaningful connections across generations.

SFMW’s High School Outreach (HSO) program aims to engage high school students by forming HSO chapters across Canada and the United States. These chapters will provide young musicians with opportunities to perform live or virtually for residents of local long-term care homes (LTC). By supporting the mental health and well-being of seniors through music, SFMW hopes to bring joy, connection, and engagement into the lives of our elders.

SFMW Founder, Harrison Gao, shares his passion for the project: “Having volunteered in a long-term care home during my high school years, I’ve seen firsthand how music can bring joy and light into the lives of seniors. Our HSO program offers young musicians a platform to share their talent while creating meaningful bonds with our elders. We are excited to provide this space where music transcends generations and unites our communities.”

The inaugural year of SFMW’s HSO program promises a series of outdoor concerts, featuring live performances by talented young musicians. These concerts will take place in June 2022 at several partnering long-term care homes (LTC) across Ontario. The final performance will host a memorable event to close out this concert series on a high note.

SFMW is grateful to partner with Chantiers Jeunesse (CJ) in supporting this initiative. Their expertise in engaging youth and creating equitable change greatly contributes to the success of the HSO program.

About Students For Music and Wellness (SFMW): Students For Music and Wellness (SFMW) is a federally registered student-led non-profit organization. SFMW aims to connect young musicians with seniors in long-term care homes, promoting positive intergenerational relationships and improving mental health through music.

Media Contact:
Harrison Gao
Executive Director