Who We Are

To promote the development of young, active and engaged citizens while fostering community development. Through our projects, youth increase their potential and gain new skills while discovering a new country or region.

Our initiatives reflect an international trend that mixes business with pleasure.


Chantiers jeunesse is helping create a supportive community with a global worldview. Through its projects, we help young volunteers and communities reach their full potential. Our initiatives reflect an international trend that includes individual and collective needs in the development of each project.

 What We Do

We organize volunteer projects in different regions of Quebec for youth aged 15 to 30 and monitor Canadian participants that we’ve put in international projects (more than 35 possible destinations in Europe, North America and Asia). Every year, 150 young volunteers are involved in different projects initiated by Chantiers jeunesse.

All of this is feasible thanks to our collaboration with some forty international organizations who are also part of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.


Workcamps have existed for almost a century. The idea started in France during the 1920s, just after World War I. At that time, the goal was not only to rebuild devastated villages, but also to show that international cooperation was still possible and could help restore world peace. Over the years, a workcamp has become an educational project that contributes to participants’ personal and social development as well.

Staff members

Stéphanie Fey
Program Director

“For me, Chantiers jeunesse is the unknown. We know where it will start, but we can hardly imagine how far it will lead us”

A trained engineer, Stéphanie has been deeply involved with Chantiers jeunesse for the last ten years. Her daily dedication for civic engagement, environment and surpassing oneself transpires in her work and volunteerism as she has participated in numerous local and international volunteering projects.

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Annie Girard
Entrepreneurship Project Coordinator

For me, Chantiers jeunesse is a leap into a world of possibilities “

For Annie, “Every single step counts,” and she has walked a lot, from Charlevoix to Ho Chi Minh with a stop in Mali! Throughout her journey, she took a particular interest in project development and entrepreneurship. Wherever she goes, she is passionate about humans, and takes pride in guiding them towards their goals.

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Alexandra George
Intercultural Volunteer Camps Coordinator

For me, Chantiers jeunesse is an opportunity to make a difference while building new relationships and seeing our country through another lens.” 

With over ten years’ experience working and volunteering in humanitarian and non-profit organizations, Alexandra joins the team as Intercultural Volunteer Camps Coordinator, bringing with her an enthusiastic drive to push forward with Chantier Jeunesse’s mission. An intrepid world traveller with a passion for forging meaningful human relationships and community building, her mission is to encourage youth across Canada to learn more about each other by working together to make a difference.

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François Paquin
Outreach and Development Officer

“For me, Chantiers jeunesse is exploring commitment, sharing and solidarity through a rich and unique experience”

A high interest in youth civic engagement and in international cooperation is what brought François to Chantiers Jeunesse. With a background in tourism and cultural work and motivated by numerous memorable international experiences, he works hard to pass on this sense of commitment and intercultural sensitivity to the future volunteers.

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Marie-Frédérique St-Onge
Outreach and Development Officer

“For me, Chantier jeunesse is opening the door to the unknown, sharing and opportunities”

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Sarah Hébert
Outreach and Development Officer

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse, is the creation of an environment for collective and personal enrichment»

With a background in design and as a camp leader, Sarah is curious and passionate about the richness of connexions created in the intercultural context of volunteer camps. She travelled the world before to settle down in Montreal, where she continues her adventure with Chantiers jeunesse by developing the Ambassador program. Her mission : to help volunteers pursuit their community engagement and their personal growth further.

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Meliza Alili
Outgoing Officer

“For me, Chantiers jeunesse is a way to share and encourage social engagement”

Laura Beaurain
Communication Manager

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse, is an adventure and an engagment that brings you to know more about yourself with young people from all over the world»

Creative and passionate, Laura is our communication expert. With overseas experiences, Laura brings her dynamism to value Chantiers jeunesse and the engagement of young people by promoting their involvement on all our communication tools.

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Prisiclle Poeri
Outreach and Development Officer

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse, is an energy needed to continue building your futur»

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Kelsey Kliparchuk
Outreach and Development Officer

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse, is a road to help communities address real needs that they have and in turn create meaningful connections»

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Amy Kane
Outreach Officer and E-Learning Specialist

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse, offers great opportunities to achieve impactful projects collectively while experiencing personal growth.»

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Colleen French
Partnership Coordinator

«For me, Chantiers jeunesse is a one-of-a-kind volunteer and exchange model to forge closer ties between people of diverse backgrounds.»

Volunteering with a Chantiers jeunesse partner in Estonia more than 20 years ago sparked a professional journey grounded in respecting and recognizing the contributions of youth and newcomers to our communities. My path has come full circle in joining the CJ team.

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Geneviève Antonius-Boileau
Program Director

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Johannie Bellemare-Laberge
Outreach and Development Officer

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Camp and co-camp leaders summer 2019

Marie-Josée Lebel
Camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is discovering yourself and others by getting involved together and opening ourselves to the world. »

Mylène Boisvert
Camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is embodying and transmitting values of support, mutual aid and social development in an inclusive and fun environment! »

Olivia Adie
Camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is adventure, sharing and diversity, all in a festive mood. »

Nicolas Couto
Co-camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is the opportunity to give and share with other and to discover a new region while discovering more about yourself. »

Juniper Esmeral
Co-camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is the opportunity to contribute to the well being of a community while meeting great people and discovering Québec province! »

Anne Nguyen
Camp Leader

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse, is to dive into an exciting sharing experience that allow me give back to a community and to meet unforgetable people. »

Jennifer Savoir
Childhood educator

« For me, Chantiers jeunesse is the chance to rediscover yourself, to surpass yourself and to live and extraordinary experience. »

Board members

Isabelle Fotsing

“For me, Chantiers jeunesse is a golden opportunity for encounters that let you discover yourself not only as an individual, but also as an essential contributor to a global society”

Katia Habra

“For me, Chantiers jeunesse is a journey of self-discovery, a curiosity for exploration and thirst for new adventures”

Michel Sayamwe


Mai Murray

Annual report

To learn more about the mission, evolution and efforts of Chantiers, we invite you to read our annual report. Only available in French.

Rapport annuel 2017-2018