A Place for Every Generation, Open to the Community

Thanks to our partner, the Quartier des générations, we organized a project that helps promote active ageing for seniors. Young people, adults, and seniors worked together to develop creative, dynamic, and inspiring activities for the community.

«The Quartier des générations is an innovative community space where intergenerational connections can be made through collective spaces and activities that bring people together

The host partner created a setting where the volunteers could experiment and feel sufficiently confident. It was perfectly adapted to the level of each participant.

Group living is an intense learning experience. Volunteers meet youth from other cultures, learn to communicate in several languages and lead daily life in a collective way, to later on, make enriching intergenerational exchanges and participate in activities aimed at improving the living environment of seniors.

We celebrate our volunteers’ engagement, which was a practical demonstration of communal harmony through intercultural experiences. Having gained the trust of our partners at Quartier des générations, our volunteers were able to develop their creative skills. In sum, our volunteers built lovely connections with building residents and had enriching experiences of cultural exchange!

The project had two phases of volunteer skill-building: first, working with their hands, and second, interpersonal skills:

1. Manual Labour to Revitalize a Quartiers Générations Residence, the 1675

Volunteers helped with landscaping and built different pieces of equipment to improve services at the residence.

Woodwork (flowerboxes, bookshelves, etc.)

Painting and sealing sheds

Landscaping: garden clean-up and weeding

Building guideposts and garden signs  

2. Getting to Know One Another Through Social Participation and Care

Our host partner were able to organize and facilitate many activities that brought everyone together to have fun, regardless of their age. These activities created a space where participants, both young and old, could share their life stories and learn more about others.

The location of the project in Montréal meant that our volunteers could choose from a wide range of activities from sightseeing to culture to recreation.

Multigenerational event

Music workshop with residents and karaoke

Social activities: Ice cream activity, cocktail hour and lunch 

Community BBQ (more than 200 participants!)   

Bravo to all of our volunteers!