The first volunteer camp just ended with success at Quartier des générations, Montreal!

With social engagement and physical work, our young volunteers moved the residents’ heart and freshened up areas of the Quartier des générations!

This year, an all-new 18-to-30-years-old volunteer camp popped up at the Quartier des générations, an innovative and open community space where people from all generations can meet up through shared spaces, inclusive activities and different types of accommodation.

Our volunteers arrived on Saturday, June 15th and received a warm welcome. The welcome party included Alban Pilard, Social Activities Coordinator, and all the residents, who have also prepared a potluck for them. A memorable first intergenerational encounter that delighted the volunteers.

The volunteers were able to stay in the home since some offices were transformed into a dormitory in order to accommodate our 9 volunteers and camp leaders. A great initiative by the Quartier des générations’s residents.

Volunteering and much more! 

Jeunes et résidents jouent à la pétanqueDuring the two camp weeks, the volunteers had the chance to participate in social events with the day centre, and everybody loved it. This volunteer camp’s main focus was getting the volunteers and residents to socialize and share stories. Despite having a heavy work schedule, the volunteers had the opportunity to learn with the elders and develop both interpersonal and social skills as well as practical skills.

One major event was the communal barbecue. The residents and their families attended as well, which made a gathering of more than 200 people possible! The volunteers were in charge of the setup, service, cooking and everything in between. Just like aspiring waiters and chefs, the volunteers took orders, cooked as much food as was wished for and serve the residents with great joy and a smile. Without them, this unifying event wouldn’t have been possible!

Thanks to our committed partner, the volunteers and residents were able to share activities such as bocce, bowling and bean bag games. They even participated in a happy hour, which led to an impromptu karaoke session! Once again, a great intergenerational moment.

A sneak peek of the work done

Les jeunes utilisent des outils pour fabriquer une bibliothèqueVolunteering with Chantiers jeunesse and its partners, it’s a workweek of 30 hours that allows our volunteers to develop practical skills a lot more than they think.

At the Quartier des générations, our volunteers were lucky because they didn’t have fixed construction projects. Without a plan, each group could let their creativity run wild, meaning they could make eccentric birdhouses, path indicator arrows, an outdoor library or garden blocks, or even paint and weed the common areas!

All these projects made the residents, who would also lend a helping hand when possible, happy.

“The volunteers and residents quickly formed a bond. It was a real pleasure to work all together,” said Guillaume, the camp leader. 

The volunteers were never bored since there were different tasks and activities to do. However, the volunteers will especially remember the residents’ kindness—for instance, they would bring food over quite often—and the people with who they’ve shared common areas, such as the communal kitchen and activities room.

They left happy knowing they made a difference and put a smile on the residents’ faces in two short weeks. Congrats to our engaged volunteers!

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