Module 2: Your commitment to Chantiers jeunesse (3/5)

Here are the terms of your relationship with Chantiers jeunesse:

  • Be an engaged citizen in your community and the world
  • Promote Chantiers jeunesse‚Äôs values
  • Participate in monthly meetings, including training on topics surrounding community involvement and communication
  • Stay on the lookout for any type of event where it would be relevant to promote volunteering and community involvement
  • Participate, according to your interests and availability, in conferences and local and national events so you can share your experience
  • Help CJ gain knowledge through your testimonials as a volunteer and your experience in the ambassador team
  • Participate in the decision-making and the direction Chantiers jeunesse will take (for example, help select projects and hosting partners in Canada)
  • Respect the reciprocal relationship between Chantiers jeunesse and you

Yes, I have read these terms of engagement and accept them.