To foster active and engaged citizens by giving youth the opportunity to improve a community’s quality of life by participating in our programs, young
people develop their potential and gain new skills, while discovering a new country or region.

Chantiers jeunesse is part of an international movement that brings work and pleasure to volunteerism.

 Sphere of activity

We organised volunteer projects for youth between the aged of 18 and 30 years old in different regions of Quebec and soon in other regions of Canada. We do the follow-up of Canadian participants we send to international projects in more than 35 countries in Europ, North America and Asia. Every year, 150 young volunteers are involved in different projects initied by Chantiers jeunesse. Chantiers jeunesse is part of an international movement that brings work and pleasure to volunturism.


Chantiers jeunesse is a Canadian non-profit organization with a charitable status. Since 1980, it has supported young people empowerment and local community development. Our organization enables the personal development of our volunteers by giving them rewarding experiences in a spirit of solidarity, respect of differences, sharing and openness.

Through international collaboration, the volunteering workcamps create a multicultural mutual support at a local level.

Chantiers jeunesse works to be dynamic and creative: a place for social innovation!


Voluntary workcamps have been existing for about 100 years. The idea commenced in France in the 20’s, just after World War I. At that time, the main goal was rebuild devastated villages and demonstrate that international cooperation was still possible and could help global peace. Nowadays there is a wide variety of projects all around the word. They can be social, cultural, about the environment or about renovating.

Staff members

Stéphanie Fey
Program director

For me Chantiers jeunesse is the unknown.  We know where it will start, but we can hardly imagine how far it will lead us.

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Marie Anne Guichandut
Executive assistant and communication manager

For me Chantiers jeunesse is a time period that goes by too quickly but never really fades away!

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Annie Girard
Entrepreneurship projects coordinator

For me Chantiers jeunesse is a leap into a world of possibilities!

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Mai Tran
Intercultural cooperative workcamp coordinator

For me Chantiers jeunesse is an opportunity to live extraordinary volunteering experiences, supported by a dynamic and passionate team. 

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François Paquin
Camp leader training agent

For me Chantiers jeunesse is exploring commitment, solidarity and sharing with people through a rich and unique experience!

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Marie-Frédérique St-Onge
Outgoing officer

For me Chantier jeunesse is a way to open the door to the unknown, sharing and opportunities!

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Sarah Hébert

Marie-Josée Lebel
Camp leader

Kamyar Karimi Ardestani

Camp Leader

Dominique Leblanc
Camp leader training agent

For me Chantiers jeunesse is the opportunity to meet yourself, to meet with others, to contribute to something bigger than yourself, to get out of your box  and to welcome what comes next. 

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YiQi Li
Intern in translation

For me, Chantiers jeunesse is an opportunity to apply what I have learned in school in the real world to make it better, one text at the time. 

Board members

Rita Rachele Dandavino
Chairwoman of the Board

For me Chantiers jeunesse is helping creating a better world through personal involvement and team creativity.


Catherine Cléroux
Vice-President, Youth

For me Chantiers jeunesse is flourrishing in symbiosis with the world.



Inda Duminica
Vice-President, Community



Annick Gaudreault
Board member

For me Chantiers jeunesse is a gateway to the world. It’s the lifetime opportunity to go on an adventure while making a difference.



Kamyar Karimi Ardestani

Katia  Habra

Chantiers jeunesse is a journey of self-discovery, the to explore the world, and a thirst for new adventures.

Gabriel Boisvert

For me Chantiers Jeunesse is opening up to others, one experience at a time.

Isabelle Fotsing

For me, Chantiers Jeunesse is a golden opportunity for encounters that let you discover yourself not only as an individual, but also as an essential contributor to a global society.