Do you want to discover a new country and experience another culture while being helpful and having special bonds with the local population?

The work varies from project to project. For example, you could be an intern at one of our partners’ office or provide educational support in a social institution.

You have to be flexible, be able to adapt, and have a sense of adventure and improvisation! During an individual internship, you’ll learn and improve your professional and personal skills. This rewarding experience will be useful once you come back as well!

Number of volunteers

Only one Canadian volunteer can participate. Other international volunteers can be there at the same as you at the host organization. So most of the time, you’ll work in collaboration with other international volunteers as well as the host organization’s regular staff.


The projects for the individual internships usually last between 1 to 12 months. They can start at any moment.

Possible destinations

France, Greece, India, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and other countries are possible destinations depending of the years and programs .

Getting ready

A project like this needs a lot of preparation.

Before your departure, you have read up on the country and culture where you’re going to volunteer. Preparation is good because the professional environment there could be different from the one you’re used to (e.g., hierarchy, autonomous work, relationships with partners or clients). Since you have a better picture of your situation, your time abroad will start on a positive note.

It’s essential that you freshen up your language skills and learn some work-related vocabulary. Also, gather information and prepare yourself as much as possible for the tasks you have to do.


Registration fee: $50

Participation fee: 

  • The fee is $450 for the first month.
  • Subsequent months are $100 per month.

What are the registration and participation fees for?

Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit organization so it’s not sponsored for its activities abroad, which include international workcamps, individual internships, workcamps for people aged between 15 and 17, workcamps for people aged 30 and over as well as introductory social engagement workcamps.

Your registration and participation fees directly support the organization (e.g., office, employees’ salary) and provide the services you need.

The included services are:

  • The Leadership in Your Own Hands weekend
  • CNESST insurance
  • 24-hour assistance abroad
  • The participant’s guide
  • Access to Chantiers jeunesse’s educational platform
  • Support in seeking financing (cashing checks, if needed)
  • Membership for one year and ability to participate in the general assembly
  • The get-together weekend (for a volunteer meetup, but transportation and accommodation at your expense if required)

What is included during the workcamp:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Exploration activities
  • A bilingual technical expert

What is not included in the registration and participation fees:

  • Transportation and accommodation in Montreal for the training weekend
  • Plane ticket and transportation to the workcamp
  • Additional fees that may apply depending on the hosting partners (note that there are multiple destinations that don’t have additional fees)
  • Passport, and medical and hospital insurance
  • Visa and vaccines if required
  • Personal expenses (the duration of the trip before and after the workcamp depends only on you!)


In some countries (particularly in India, Iceland, Mexico and Spain), the hosting partners charge additional fees for the stay, which vary from $50 to $300. These fees are used to cover your accommodation and meals (the hosting partner can’t pay for them or the Alliance member doesn’t send enough volunteers abroad to ensure reciprocity).

The budget needed for a workcamp abroad is approximately $2,000. This amount takes into account the plane ticket (regardless of the country) and participation fees.

To lessen your burden, you can carry out fundraising operations. There are many ways to raise funds to finance your trip. We will explain all of this in detail during the training session.

How to participate
  • Fill out the online registration form and pay the registration fees.
  • Receive a registration confirmation.
  • Choose the destinations, project type and availability dates.
  • Be assigned a workcamp by Chantiers jeunesse according to your profile, preferences and available workcamps.
  • Choose the workcamp online and pay the participation fee.
  • Participate in the training weekend.
  • Do the online training sessions, prepare the trip and look for funds.
  • Arrive, do the workcamp and travel.
  • Evaluate the program and go to the weekend get-together at the Volunteers Meetup.

Chantiers jeunesse is available to answer questions and provide support before, during and after the internship.