Volunteer camps

Volunteer camps are volunteer projects carried out by a multicultural group in a local community. Supervised by animators and educators, the group is made up of young families from Canada and beyond who live together a rewarding experience.

Getting involved

Taking part in a volunteer camp is a way to engage with a community by responding to real needs. Our host partners call on us to help them carry out a project that aims to bring change, improve a living environment or contribute positively to the community.

25 hours of volunteering per week

The types of work projects are very varied and may involve:

  • The environment (creation of trails, cleaning of shores, preservation of animal species, etc.)
  • Heritage preservation (restoration of buildings, painting, construction, etc.)
  • Culture (festivals, photography, language exchanges, etc.)
  • Social (animation, intergenerational projects, assistance to refugees, etc.)


During free time, you will have the opportunity to participate in several discovery activities with the group. Contacts with the local population are often very rewarding and will allow families to become part of the community for a few weeks.


The other important aspect of a volunteer site is group living. The volunteer camp is also a lot of cultural exchange, because in addition to being in a new place, you will share your daily life with people of various origins. It’s a way to learn about cultural differences while connecting with people from around the globe! In addition, children value and benefit greatly from group dynamics and community living.

The registration steps

The ‘Leadership in your own hands’ is a weekend of preparatory training for volunteer camp. This mandatory training will provide a better understanding of what a volunteer camps are and is the perfect time to ask questions. Volunteers who will participate in a volunteer camp in the summer of 2019 are required to participate at the following weekend:

  • May 25-26 2019, in Montréal

If you live outside the Montreal area, we will be happy to help you organize your transportation and accommodation. In addition, if you are doing a volunteer camp in Canada, the cost of transportation, accommodation and food will be covered by Canada Service Corps.

The children will be (obviously!) Welcome. A qualified resource person will be available to provide fun activities while parents participate in training activities.

The volunteer camps are the heart of the program. For two weeks, you will live with a group of volunteers and their children who, like you, have come to lend a helping hand to a host community.

The Rendez-vous des Volontaires is a weekend of reunions, activities and reflections for all the volunteers who took part in a volunteer camp during the year. This is an opportunity to review what you have experienced and celebrate the end of your program.

The Rendez-vous des Volontaires is a weekend of reunions, activities and reflections for all the volunteers who took part in a construction site during the year. This is an opportunity to review what you have experienced and celebrate the end of your program.

Volunteer camps in Canada

This year, you have the choice of two family volunteer camps!

Canadian volunteer camps are part of  Canada Service Corps.


Chantiers au Québec

It’s free of charge ! In fact, all projects in Canada are part of the Canada Service Corps initiative and all costs related to transportation, accommodation and food are covered. However, it is recommended to plan a budget for your personal expenses.

What’s included :

  • The Leadership in your own hands training weekend (travel, accommodations and meals);
  • CNESST insurance coverage;
  • Personalized assistance throughout the program ;
  • The assistance of a qualified resource person to supervise the children during the volunteer camps; 
  • Access to the member area of ​​Chantiers jeunesse ;
  • One year membership and participation in the general assembly meeting ;
  • Le Rendez-vous des volontaires (déplacement, hébergement et repas).

International volunteer camp

International volunteer camp

Chantiers jeunesse, a non-profit organization, is not subsidized for its activities abroad. For this reason, registration and participation fees apply.

Registration fee : 50 $

Your registration and participation fees directly support the organization (premises, salaries of employees, etc.) and provide the services that are offered to you.

Participation fee :

  • If this is your first participation with Chantiers jeunesse, the fees are $ 450.
  • If you have already completed a project with us in the past, the costs are 360 $.
  •  You can also participate in several projects per year. In that case:
    • Your second volunteer camp will cost 150 $.
    • Subsequent volunteer camps will cost 100 $

Please note! Some hosting partners charge an additional fee for the stay, which ranges from $ 50 to $ 300.

The included services are :

  • The Leadership in your own hands Training Weekend (travel and accommodation at your expense if required);
  • CNESST insurance;
  • Assistance at all times abroad; 
  • Participant’s guide Access to the member area of ​​Chantiers jeunesse;
  • Support in seeking financing (if necessary, cashing checks);
  • One year membership and attendance at the general assembly meeting;
  • The Rendezvous of Volunteers (travel and accommodation at a fee if required).

During the volunteer camp :

  • Food;
  • Accomnodation ;
  • Activities in your hosting community.

What isn’t included :

  • Travel and accommodation in Montreal for the training weekend;
  • The ticket and the trip to the site of the volunteer camp;
  • Additional fees that may apply depending on the hosting partners;
  • Passport and medical and hospital insurance;
  • Visa and vaccines if required;
  • Personal expenses.

Food and accommodation

During the workcamp, volunteers are housed and fed. Accommodation varies by project: the group can live in a community center, a dormitory or a tent. Children will be encouraged to participate in the work project and group life, participate in group decisions, and develop their full potential!

Watch this video made by volunteers on our Estonian partners during a family workcamp abroad  here! 

A budget for food is provided for the group. You will have the opportunity to cook and share your family’s culinary specialties. Don’t forget your recipes!

Period and duration

Family volunteer camps take place in July and August and last two.

Eligibility criteria
  • Be between 18 and 30 years old during the volunteer camp
  • Have a child aged 2 to 12 at the time of the volunteer camp
  • Be a Canadian citizen or have obtained permanent resident or refugee status by the Canadian government.

How to register


Registration for volunteer camps in the summer of 2019 will take place starting February 15, 2019.

Register here!