Amounts available

Up to 2500$ / project. Information on request.


  • You must be registered for Chantiers jeunesse’s Entrepreneurship Projects program and meet the program’s eligibility criteria.
  • You must express your intention of submitting a formal application to Entrepreneurship Projects.
  • You must consider this contribution to be leverage for self-financing or alternative funding in case you experience difficulty obtaining funds for part of the project.
  • You must be developing your implementation plan or carrying out your project.
  • You cannot ask for a reimbursement for amounts that have already been dedicated to other sources before your registration date with Chantiers jeunesse.
  • You must have completed your project budget and activity schedule.
The Leadership in Your Own Hands funding program has an annual limit and certain budgetary items are restricted. For the program’s second year, funds will be adjusted according to what they are used for and how often during its first year (2018).