Project postponed

Help Kinnear’s Mill showcase a historic site that makes its 320 citizens proud.

Volunteer camp project

The Héritage Kinnear’s Mills society needs volunteers to restore old buildings and promote tourism development. It wants to return the Anglican church, an important historic site for the local community, to its former glory. During this project, woodwork skills will be acquired. Most of the work will be done on the church and in its vicinity.




Make renovations | Repair and paint the building | Build fences | Etc.


Hosting Partner

The Héritage Kinnear’s Mills society’s missions are to showcase the Kinnear’s Mills village’s historic site and to honour the rich cultural heritage that their founders left behind them. At this moment, the community’s limited human and financial resources mean it requires a helping hand from volunteers.

Camp Characteristics


Volunteers will be sleeping in an old Anglican school and will cook their own meals. Access to internet will be limited.


The small rural village of Kinnear’s Mill is surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Osgood River. It has preserved its picturesque charm with several historic buildings, including the former English school and four churches—United, Anglican, Methodist and Catholic—which are all located on the same street corner!

Cities nearby :  Victoriaville – 60 KM | Québec – 80 KM | Montréal – 220 KM