Help Indigenous youth celebrate their culture and identity

Volunteer camp project

Cultural project

The participants will help improve an indigenous collegial study centre’s infrastructure and services. They will upgrade the facilities on the college’s cultural site and give a hand with the landscaping of an outdoor field. Volunteers will also help ensure the preservation of important documents for First Nations.





Gather fir branches and set them up in the fall cabin | Make containers for the community garden | Do gardening | Clean | Label and categorize books | Etc.


Hosting patner

The Institution Kiuna focuses on shaping First Nation citizens into the leaders of tomorrow. Kiuna will teach them how to excel in the workforce, how to proudly show off their cultural heritage, how to be socially responsible, how to take care of their community’s well-being and how to be open-minded. Its mission is to make higher education more accessible for First Nations.

Camp characteristics 


 The volunteers will be housed in the college residence, which are well adapted to youg families. 

Activities and attractions

Abenaquis museum | Odanak traditional Pow-Wow | Odanak public pool


which means village, is an Abnaki territory on Saint-François River’s eastern shore. In Odanak, there is the Musée des Abénakis, which is Quebec’s oldest museum dedicated to Aboriginal culture.

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