Entrepreneurship projects

Our new Entrepreneurship Projects program gives volunteers the chance to improve their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by developing and implementing their own projects from start to finish.

Seven of our volunteers have agreed to be filmed during their journey by a group of film students from Collège de Maisonneuve. We would like to thank Collège de Maisonneuve and more specifically, Stéphanie Boutin et Karine Glorieux, for their openness and trust. Thanks to all volunteers and students for making this possible. 


Building bridges

Kanica Saphan studies sexology. She is implementing a series of workshops for newcomers regarding social codes of seduction in Québec.

Directed by Sarah Chaput & Lou Gravel-Jean


Youth wing

Samuel Pelletier is a member of the Réseau Québecois de Développement Social  (Quebec Social Development Network) and he wishes to promote the movement amongst youth. In order to do so, he is starting a youth wing for the network to give it a fresh impetus and ensure continuity. 

Directed by Axel Ortiz


Doodles 2 Art

Cristina Ionescu is an art student. She has started the project Doodle 2 Art that aims to make art accessible to all. 

Directed by Laurie Lussier et Amy Solarza


Inside Out

Alif Huq and Vy Hoong want to give a place for youth between 18 and 25 to explore who they are, reflect on their values and develop leadership skills while transitioning into adulthood. 

Directed by Serge Bertrand, Charles-Éric Gagné & Valentin Hadey


The Shed d’Hochelaga

Marie-Frédérique wants to set up the Shed d’Hochelaga, a collaborative work space where people can repair things and share their skills. 

Directed by par Zachary Gourd & John Martinez


Les fermes comme avant

Geneviève Lapointe-Missud and Sylvain have started Les fermes comme avant. Their goal is to help create intergenerational bonds within their communities through urban gardening projects. 

Directed by Marc Arsenault, Marjorie Audet-Renaud & Laura Pelletier-Robert


Life Academy

With Life Academy, Ricardo Alvarez wants to help young people discover themselves, develop their skills and resumes through entrepreneurial projects and give them the confidence to start their business, get their dream job and be financially free.

Directed by Samuel Lacasse & Malaurie Yelle

Volunteer camps in Canada

A volunteer camp is a volunteering project led by a multicultural group, in a local community. Supervised by two camp leaders, a group of maximum 15 volunteers from Canada and from abroad live an unforgettable learning experience together. This project is funded by the Government of Canada through Canada Service Corps.

Last summer, we followed three group of volunteers during their volunteer camps. Thanks to Camp le Manoir,  P’tit Bonheur, the town of  Saint-Bruno-de-Kamouraska and The city of Sainte-Thérèse for letting us in.