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Examples of Volunteering workcamps with our partners abroad

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You will find here examples of projects which were organized in the past years. Our volunteers took part in these projects thanks to our partners all over the world. These projects are only examples and won’t necessarily be available this year. You will choose your project with us, according to your experience and your wishes. But here is a list of examples that could give you ideas.

Volunteering Workcamp in Belgium

Partner : JAVVA

Project : Théâtres Nomade Festival 


Since its creation in 1994, “La Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus” strives to give access to culture and - particularly theatre - to a socially disadvantaged public, less inclined to cultural activities.

Democratisation of culture and promotion of diversity are the guiding principles of the company's activities. These are divided in three types of projects: theatre plays creation, “Theâtres Nomades” festival.

Every summer for the past 8 years, the Brussels Royal Park has hosted more than 60 theatre shows over 4 days for the Brussels theater festival. The fountain and surrounding area are metamorphosed into a colorful nomad village made of marquees, caravans, Berber tents, and open-air stages. The programme is diversified through various shows for children, a circus, street theatre, classical theatre, puppet shows, as well as creative workshops on the stage of the Royal theatre of Brussels.



Volunteers will help on several aspects of the festival logistics, such as meal preparation for the entire festival team, assembling and dismantling of tents, building and putting up the decorations, stage-managing, transport and unloading of material, installation of the “village of organisations”, waste and composting toilet management,...Volunteers will work with all people working at the festival (technicians, stage managers, facilitators, organizers, cooks...). Volunteers who have sufficient knowledge of French will have the opportunity to take part in promotion activities together with artists in Brussels metro before the festival. Volunteers will also be integrated in the different teams during the festival (tickets, bar, catering, stage-managing,...).

It is important to take this into account that physical work will be asked of volunteers. Volunteers will also have lighter tasks like meal preparation, waste management,... Depending on the program schedule, volunteers may also have the possibility to actively take part in entertainment activities of the festival.



Volunteers will sleep in caravans on the site of the festival. The living conditions are rudimentary close to conditions of a “scout camp”. Volunteers will use dry toilet placed in the park and will have to maintain it. They will have to respect the time constraint regarding the showers. Please bring your sleeping bag, sheets and toiletries. 



Volunteers will be in the center of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, two steps from the Royal Palace. The site is easily reachable by public transport.




Partner : Solidarités Jeunesses



Since 1960, Neige et Merveilles association has been taking over and renovating the old buildings of Vallauria Mining Works, creating an accommodation and learning center there. After decades of working alongside the old mining site as well as the various specialists operating on the site (geologists, mineralogists, archaeologists, speleologists), the association turned its thoughts from 2009 onwards on how to enhance and capitalize on this heritage. The first step in this exercise was to carry out an inventory of the old mines and the site in its present-day context. The mining heritage of Vallauria is characterized by spectacular ancient underground mining works. The Vallauria Mining Works embodies a desire to develop activities, within the framework of a local sustainable development project, opening the site to a large public



Making the mine safer by consolidating and cleaning the ground in the heart of the mine and its main tunnels. This work uses traditional construction techniques as dry stone (retaining walls, stairs). Part of the work is also to evacuate rubble using wheelbarrows along wooden duckboards. You will be supervised by a heritage restoration professional.


Accommodation and food

Inside a building, bedroom for six people with sanitary facilities. Please bring a sleeping bag or bed linen.



Tende, situated 80 km away from Nice, 50 km from Monaco


Leisure activities

A learning facilitator will accompany the group throughout the stay, encouraging young people to become part of a cultural dynamic, by giving them a chance to discover the findings of research carried out on the geological and mining heritage of Vallauria. Our aim is also to draw young people into a program of discovery activities, encourage all kinds of initiatives and incite them to take part in sportive and cultural activities opening up opportunities for discovery and the sharing of experiences. We can offer them the kind of things they are looking for: discovering the region’s historical and cultural heritage (national park and Vallée des Merveilles [“valley of wonders”], medieval villages), formal and informal encounters with people working in the mountains (shepherds, guides), participation in local cultural festivals, taking part in high-adrenaline sports activities (via-ferrata, assisted climbing routes, canyoning).




Partner : IBG



After several successful workcamps in the last years, the local host invites an international group again! They are very happy to be supported by a workcamp at different renovation stages for the local kindergarten called “Villa Filou”.



Your main task will be to renew the fences around the yard. This work includes building of new fences, painting, cleaning tasks and other such work. The international group will also be responsible for constructing a small garden house with a carport which will be used for parking strollers.



Volunteers will be accommodated in a building of the fire brigade with all sanitary facilities provided. Kitchen and camp beds are in place as well. 



The community of Willstaett contains several villages with around 9000 inhabitants. It is situated in the beautiful southern part of Germany close to the border of France. It is characterized by its beautiful architectural style. With its spectacular waterfalls, castle, and nature, there is also plenty to see and discover in the landscape close to the Black Forest. Nearby bigger cities like Freiburg or Strasbourg offer a wide range of cultural events. 



Partner: Worldwide Friends

Project: Journalism and photography



Every year WF Iceland hosts hundreds of international volunteers participating in projects all around the island. WF Iceland publishes a magazine called UNA where people can read about the life of the organization.

In the beginning of the project volunteers will receive an introduction about the tasks - afterwards we will choose a topic for the newsletter. This is a great opportunity to step into different projects and to get to know Reykjavik in a better way. The group will take photos and make videos and interviews with volunteers, local hosts and people living in the area. The outcome will be published in the UNA WF magazine.

At the end of the project we will prepare the final version of the magazine and publish it online.



On weekends, the central location of the accommodations is ideal for enjoying Reykjavik‘s amazing nightlife, which is world-renowned for its wide array of bars, clubs, and concerts. 

WF Iceland will also organise reasonably-priced weekend excursions to some of the most popular, beautiful areas and natural wonders that Iceland has to offer. Excursions include unique Icelandic sights such as glacial lagoons, waterfalls, volcanic and geothermal areas, glaciers, geysirs, lava forests, hot-springs, rhyolite mountain ranges, steam-vents, or even icebergs.


Accommodation and Food

Worldwide Friends volunteers stay in one of several shared houses offering basic sleeping and cooking facilities in the heart of historical downtown Reykjavik. Volunteers need to bring their own sleeping bag and towels, but mattresses and bed linens are provided. Wireless internet access is provided free of charge, and volunteers also have free access to shared desktop computers in communal areas. The accommodation provided by Worldwide Friends Iceland for volunteers in Reykjavik is located within short walking distance of many urban amenities, including: banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, public swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, libraries, theaters, shops, museums, and bus stations.

Food is included for the duration of the workcamp, however everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. Since it is always nice to try new and different dishes, volunteers are encouraged to bring along their favorite recipes from home!



Partner: NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)

Project: FEST, ARTS


Organized together with KOBOSHA, a local NPO for community planning, since 1996. We will join the summer festival called ‘TORO NAGASHI’ which consists of making a lantern and floating it down a river as a memorial service for an ancestor. We will make large TORO (2 x 2 meters) for the festival in this workcamp. We aim to mobilize the area with  workcamps. Through workcamps, the local community will be much more activated, redeveloping pride for their community and revival FUKUSHIMA!



We will mainly help and join the festival by making four big lanterns ‘TORO’ (2 x 2 meters) and hundreds of small lanterns together with local students. You can design your own large ‘TORO’ in this festival. It will be physically challenging work.


Study theme

Unique festivals in each country. Bring some info !



Public Sports Center.



Small town in the southern part of Fukushima. 100km from Fukushima nuclear power plant and the level of radioactivity is 0.06 mSv/h which is far from dangerous!


Leisure activities

Home stay, sports, exchange parties, etc.


Special Remarks

Interest in Japanese culture, making big lanterns (‘TORO’) and working with locals! Japanese volunteers.





Project: Action for Locals


Busan is the second biggest city in Korea and about 400km away from Seoul. It is famous with port, food and various cultures because historically it has been as the gate of all different kind of cultures from abroad.


This project is held in cooperation with Haeundae Volunteer center in order to promote the global citizenship through voluntary service. Participants in this project will join various activities and campaign to achieve the objectives.



Participants will do mural painting at the old wall along the village in Songjeong train station, in order to decorate in various ways. Haeundae beach is famous in Korean but also has the issues related with environment due to a lot of visitors. Mostly, visitors throw away a lot of trash throughout this area during the night. Participants will join the campaigning and also doing some action to preserve the beach around. And participants will join the other activities from the Centre.


Accommodation and Food

Guest house / Self-catering within a group



Haeundae-gu, Busan


Leisure Activities

Visiting historical places and beach in Busan








The project consists of organizing artistic workshops for children under cancer treatment. Through plastic art seeks to express various stages of the patients by various art techniques that benefits reflection, expression and relaxation. This activity is a process of self-expression, which helps people organize their inner reactions to events in their lives. This is an art therapy workshops led by artists and psychologists who work voluntarily.



The volunteers and local artists will raise awareness through activities involving the visual arts, music and psychology, so that international volunteers are included and contribute to these fragile groups and experience the growth along the patients.

Bringing families together to be aware about the treatment against cancer by promoting the creative side to improve the health of patients.

Being a link between institutions, organizations, foundations and plastic and visual for cultural promotion activities.

To share the plastic work done by children and teenagers through the creation of an artistic catalog to generate income for the institution benefited from this project.

To show the work of children and teenagers in situation of Cancer, since art is not exclusive for certain economic sectors.

To design four art workshops for children and adolescents with scarce resources and with cancer.

To teach arts while promoting a greater understanding of the visual arts and develop ideas, stimulation and recognition of creativity.



Volunteers will be hosted in a particular house with all services at disposal: Hot Water, Electricity, Restrooms, Showers, Kitchen, Fridge, Laundry room, Safety Box and Wi-Fi connection.



Morelia City, Michoacan state, 4 hours by bus from Mexico city, it has 2,000,000 inhabits and has all the services. 



Partner : FIYE

Project : Jedrus 1


The task will be to help the local community organize a program called “Summer in the City,” for the children and youth who are staying in the town during summer holidays. Volunteers will work in two youth centres of the local parishes, in two groups. The daily program will include: games, sports, arts & crafts, excursions, cinema outings, playground activities, swimming-pool, and other events.



Volunteers will stay on the premises of the boarding school, in rooms equipped with all standard facilities - beds and sheets will be provided so there is no need to bring mattresses or sleeping bags. There is also a washing machine. During the week meals will be served. At weekends volunteers may need to prepare their own meals, from the products bought by the host (the volunteers will have access to the kitchen).



Michalin is a district of Jozefow – a small town near Warsaw, located upon the Swider river and surrounded by the Mazovian Landscape Park. 


Partner : FIYE

Project : GLAZ 1



For the last few years the Holiday Centre for Children has been organizing summer camps for school children aged 7-16, with an element of non-formal language training. The volunteers will be conducting language workshops and animating free time activities for the children. In the morning the volunteers will run language classes and in the afternoon they will play sports, games, go on excursions, etc. The camp will host around 60 pupils from primary and junior high schools. Several groups will be formed with around 5-10 pupils each, having similar language skills in every group (a few English groups).

The foreign volunteers are expected to: conduct language lessons in an informal way and prepare TEACHING MATERIALS before coming to the workcamp, take part in games, recreational activities and excursions, assist in running the educational programmes and prepare an international day (bringing postcards, photos, music, recipes, etc from your country would be very helpful).



Volunteers will stay in a children’s holiday house. Beds and sheets will be provided. All meals will be served in a canteen.



Glaz is a very small village located in the south-western part of Poland between Lodz and Wroclaw. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest.



Preparing materials before the workcamp is required and some experience in working with young people would be an advantage. Since the children come from small towns/villages, and most of them have never had contact with a foreign language, volunteers are asked to be flexible, have good communication skills and the patience to listen, interpret and respond. Volunteers must have a good level of English.

NOTE: Smoking cigarettes on the premises, and around children, is not allowed.




Voluntary Service of Serbia

Project : SUMMER IN TOPONICA IV, Donja Toponica


Gatherings and activities together with the local youth are essential to this workcamp, the hosts would use the opportunity to present their local community, traditions and customs and, together with the participants of the camp, to encourage rural development, youth mobility and intercultural understanding.



Having an international group in the village will attract people to interact, make friends, so it is more likely that the impact to the local community in terms of environmental awareness will be greater and that the interaction through work and many cultural and social events. This summer workcamp will be a follow up of the spring workcamp, and volunteers will be involved in organic agriculture (harvesting the yield, irrigating etc.) on the land given to Grupa Kobra by the locals for the educational purposes. Besides this, volunteers will work on maintaining the cultural centre (some construction work and marking the walking paths). In the evenings we will organise cultural and sport activities in the centre for and with the local young people. We are always relying on good ideas from international volunteers. Evaluations of our previous camps and our experience showed that local people are very interested in these kinds of events.


Accommodation and food

Accommodations will be held in the local Cultural Centre on air mattresses, bathroom and kitchens provided. Food will be prepared by the volunteers, with the material provided, and occasionally by the locals, so to learn more about the local cuisine and introduce international elements.


Location and leisure

Donja Toponica (17 km from Nis) is a village of merely 350 inhabitants, situated very close to Nis, one of the biggest cities of Serbia. Excursions to nearby mountain villages, visits to local households, an unexploited natural spa and Nis will be organised. Mountains of south-eastern Serbia boast nearly untouched nature, rich wildlife, old forts and cities on their tops, and many of them are hiding in its interior spacious halls of magnificent caves.


Special requirements

The volunteers should have necessary skills for teaching English to children and/or through presenting the traditional and modern dances from their countries and/or have other artistic skills like painting. They should be nature and village lovers.



Partner: GENCTUR



Civril town hosted the first international work camp in 2014. The impact was very positive thus the municipality is going to host other groups for summer camp projects. If you are a talkative, friendly, smiling person you are welcome to practise English with the local kids and youngsters. The summer camp will contain different sport sessions and practising English will be an additional part of the program. Although volunteers mainly will focus on practising English, any additional talent will be appreciated. Volunteers who can play an instrument, organize a drama, teach indoor - outdoor games, will be preferred. Volunteers are also expected to make a presentation of their country and culture. But the most important feature is speaking English. This camp offers a high level close contact with the locals.



Practising English with the local kids and young people between 13-23 age group. 



Volunteers will stay in a kindergarten school. Sleeping bag and mat are not necessary.



Civril is a town in the west of Turkey. Nearest city is Denizli.