Volunteering Projects

International workcamps

When? Mostly between March and september, registration starts in October
How long? 7 to 21 days
Who? Any young adult (18 and over)
Where? In Canada, Europe, Asia or Mexico



Construction, ecology, culture, education or social work


International volunteering projects are taking place all around the world, including Canada, and are organized locally by Chantiers jeunesse and its international partners.


These are voluntary work projects that fulfill specific needs of local communities and provide an opportunity for cultural exchange and collaboration. Will you be restoring castles in France or teaching English in Czech Republic?


Each volunteer joins an international group selected by the local organization and together they work for the development of a community. Generally, volunteers are aged between 18 and 35 years old, but one is never too old to be young.


Long term volunteering projects

When? At any time

How long?

1 to 12 months


Any young adult (18 and over) with multicultural or international experiences
Where? Europe, Asia or America.

A working project structured and tutored, in environment, renovating, education, culture or social field. An unforgettable experience and another way to travel! 

Long term project are also individual projects. You choose an organization and a project, and you work with them during several month. On these projects, you’ll be on your own or with some volunteers from other countries.

The type of work varies depending on the project. For example you can be an intern in one of our partner’s office, be a teaching assistant in a social organization or manage a group of volunteers during international workcamps.


It requires flexibility, an adventurous spirit and the ability to adapt and improvise. A long term workcamps is a rewarding experience at professional and personal levels. 


Teen group workcamp


From September to June

How long?

  5 to 21 days


Groups of teenagers (14 to 17 years old) and their teachers
Where? In Quebec



A training on voluntary involvement, cultural discovery and an adapted work project


School or community groups that are willing to get introduced to voluntary work can participate in group workcamps. Chantiers Jeunesse offers projects to these group in many regions of Quebec.