Help to build the education programs and build trusting relationships!


Volunteer project

You will gain experience in helping to build the education programs at The Kluane Lake Research Station. You will be immersed in unique Canadian communities where you will learn the complexities of the local ecosystem, socio-cultural, and economic challenges. You will also have the chance to build trusting relationships with other groups in the area so that future youth visitors can benefit.




manual labor / travail manuel


Trail maintenance | Build safe and accessible interpretive pathways at The Station and to the lake | Light renovations in the classroom and dining areas | Cultural connections in the Whitehorse and Kluane areas



Hosting Partner

The Howl Experience creates holistic learning opportunities and relationships between youth, communities, and ecosystems in a way that allows all to thrive now and into the future.


Camp Characteristics





Language: english


  Localisation: Kluane Lake Research Station, Yukon, BC


Deadline to apply: June, 17th 2022


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