Contributes to the conservation of unique ecosystems for different local communities


Volunteer project

5 million people visit the Bow Valley annually and all want to visit the same sites. This puts tremendous pressure on these areas and causes issues with wildlife, erosion, pollution and more. Youth participants will help with all of these issues in a variety of ways.

You will become wildlife ambassador through your work with local conservation scientists and spread this knowledge through their work with visitors. This work will be in partnership with Alberta Parks, Banff National Park. You will contribute to the monitoring of certain threatened key species in these unique ecosystems. You will assist in the operations of various cultural events and festivals taking place throughout the various communities. You will help in the maintenance and expansion of the trail system & other tourist hot spots. This is the physical labour component for the most part.




manual labor / travail manuel


Trailhead Education | Conservation Education for Youth | Developing the Citizen Science programs | Infrastructure maintenance in sensitive ecological areas | Youth relationship building and support with local | Indigenous youth (Nakoda Youth Council) | Attending community events as Mountain Culture Ambassadors



Hosting Partner

The Howl Experience creates holistic learning and relationships between youth, communities, and ecosystems in a way that allows all to thrive now and into the future. It offers Canadian youth a range of curated learning opportunities that are nature and community-based. Youth are immersed in unique Canadian communities where they can learn the complexities of the local ecosystem and cultural, social and economic challenges within.



Camp Characteristics





Laundry on site

Language: english


Localisation: Bow Valley (Banff/Canmore), Alberta


Deadline to apply: June, 3rd 2022


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