Become a farm apprentice over the course of a volunteer project

and develop your permaculture skills!


Volunteer Project

Permaculture project


Interested in food autonomy? Hoping to get the next level with your gardening and plant care skills? Semer le Present is there for you! Throughout this adventure, you’ll help with all the daily tasks at the organization, from garden care and maintenance to harvest sales and deliveries. You’ll also help build a mushroom cultivation site and participate in Semer le Présent’s overall growth and development.




manual labor / travail manuel
Manual labour


Seeding   |  Weeding  |  Garden and tool maintenance   |  Irrigation and watering   |  Vegetable sales  |  Various building and repair projects




Hosting Partner

Semer le Présent uses a sustainable development and innovation perspective to manage a collective garden that fosters the development of ecological cultivation techniques with the goal of increasing sharing, knowledge transmission and food autonomy in the Vallée-du-Richelieu. All of this is carried out with the goal of creating a sharing economy and flourishing symbiotic food system.



Camp Characteristics

   Group cooking





This volunteer project is open to residents of Canada. French proficiency is not required.

Washer and dryer are available on site.


 Location: Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec

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