Make the Jardin des Sources—a magnificent green space—more accessible to an urban population

Volunteer camp project

Environmental project

Work with the Sainte-Thérèse youth centre to help maintain the Jardin des Sources and other city sites in order to valorize green spaces. This will allow the local population, especially the elderly living close to the park, to continue enjoying the spectacular views and various activities.



Manual labour


Do trail weeding and maintenance | Plant trees | Clean rivers and ponds | Improve the infrastructure | Etc


Hosting partner

Since 1993, Sainte-Thérèse citizens and Chantiers jeunesse groups have been working together to transform an old gravel quarry in the heart of the city into a new green space. The Jardin des Sources has become a rich and diverse natural environment due to the work of many volunteers. A lake was even named after Chantiers jeunesse to honour these groups!


Camp Characteristics


Volunteers will be sleeping in a college residence where they will have everything they need to cook their own meals. They will have internet access.

Activities in the surroundings

Cultural and sports activities nearby | Access to free concerts | Community activities planned with the youth centre | Traditional BBQ with the city council


With a population of 27,000, Sainte-Thérèse is a dynamic city where life is good! With its dynamic vibe, its business diversity and its lively neighbourhood life, its city centre named Le Village stands out. We can travel by foot, car, bicycle, train and bus.

 Cities nearby :  Montreal – 30 KM | Ottawa- 160 KM | Québec – 270 KM