Contribute to the reopening of Village Beauceron, a heritage site closed to the public since 2015.

Volunteer camp project

Environmental project

Help the locals make Village Beauceron a place where families can have fun, where people can enjoy various leisure activities, and where everyone can learn about the region’s history.




Manual labour


Gather, chop and shred wood | Clean the sites | Do construction work on a new arena | Do maintenance on the recreational sites


Hosting partner

Since 2015, the town owns Village des Défricheurs, now called Village Beauceron. City council members have a strong desire to revitalize this heritage site closed since 2015. They want to revamp it into a tourist attraction with additional services all year-long, such as a skating trail, thematic family activities, a summer public market, educational activities, etc.


Camp Characteristics


Volunteers will be sleeping in a community room. They will cook their own meals and will have access to internet.

Activities in the surroundings

Cycling and walking trails | Sports fields (softball volleyball, tennis, football, soccer, petanque, etc.) | Group activities with the municipal recreation team


Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Saint-Prosper—the land of the “Défricheurs” (first settlers)—is a community of about 3,600 citizens. The nearby Lac-Etchemin and Caribou Lake walking trails are a must for nature lovers.

 Cities nearby:  Thetford Mines – 90 KM | Lac Mégantic – 100 KM | Québec – 120 KM