How much does a volunteering workcamp cost?


The participation fees are paid when signing the contract between the volunteer and Chantiers jeunesse, before going on a volunteering workcamp abroad or in Canada.


The payment of this fees is mandatory to participate to a volunteering workcamp and enables the volunteer to partcipate to one or several workcamps as written in the contract. The fees are not directly used to feed and host the volunteer abroad but to ensure the reciprocity of exchanges. That is, to ensure that Chantiers jeunesse can host and feed a volunteer from abroad in Canada.


The participation fees also cover the cost of the pre-departure workshops. The volunteers is protected by the Quebec CSST for the whole duration of the workcamp in Canada or abroad. 



Duration of the project(s)


14 days or less

600 $

15 to 21 days

750 $

22 to 31 days

900 $

More than 31 days

900 $ + 50 $ per additional month

In Canada


14 days or less

250 $ 

15 days or more

300 $


Here’s an example of budget for a two weeks workcamp in France.

Plane ticket Montreal-Paris (round trip ticket)

700 $
Travel cost inside France 100 $
Insurances 100 $
Accommodations and food 0 $
Spending money 200$
Inscription fees to Chantiers jeunesse 50$

Participation fees to Chantiers jeunesse

(participation fees vary according to the duration of the workcamp see a complet list)




1750 $