Frequently asked questions

what is a volunteering workcamp?

A workcamp is a volunteering project in a local community. For example, a small city who would like to create a park, or a non-profit organization who would need to renovate a summer camp. 


The added value of volunteering workcamp - compared to a common work project - is the workers themselves. They are from all over the world, with the same willingness to help, to discover other cultures and to live an intense group experience. Actually, they are more than workers, they are volunteers! 


How Much does it cost?

A workcamp can cost between 300 and 2500$. The price of the plane ticket is the main factor that influences this cost. Please note that food, accommodations, and a few activities are provided by the local partner abroad.


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Do I need a visa or a work permit to go on a volunteering workcamp?

It depends on the destination: the laws are different in each country. You will find the relative information about your destination on the government of Canada website.


But a visa is not required for most of our projects. And if you need one, Chantiers jeunesse and the partners abroad can help you if necessary. Don’t worry!   


Why is the workshop mandatory?

The workshop will help you to enjoy your experience. This kind of workcamp is a real challenge, an adventure… Before sending you abroad, we want to make sure you are ready and well prepared.


If you can’t come to Montreal for the workshop, we can find other solutions. 

How long does it take between the INSCRIPTION and the workcamp?

It depends on the projects, the destination, the partner, and it depends of how quick you are. So it is really difficult to plan it exactly. That’s why we advise you to start the procedure as soon as possible. The application can not be completed as quickly as you hope. The partner abroad can take time to answer…, and this is out of our control.


what are the criterias to evaluate a future volunteer?

The first criteria is of course… motivation! Actually, no experience - neither travel, work, nor group experience- is needed to participate in a workcamp. Whereas we want to make sure that the projects we will select for you will fit with your skills, your wishes and your social/travel background. That’s why we want to read about your social implications, your group experiences and your multicultural experiences.


Which projects are available?

We have about 50 partners in 35 countries. Each partner organizes between 5 and 150 projects a year. The complete list is only available after the first evaluation, when we meet in person, for the mandatory workshop. It allows you to make a better choice, and it enables us to check if you have all the information you need before making your choice.

what are the fees for?

Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit organization, that is self-financed. Which means that it keeps working thanks to the participants‘ contribution. The inscription fees enable us to hire people to evaluate your application and to welcome volunteers from overseas in a spirit of exchange.


Our biggest spending is the organization of volunteering workcamps in Quebec to welcome the international volunteers from our partners, this in turn allows us to send you to our partners.


why the fees are NOt Refundable?

As soon as we receive the completed form, we start to commit resources to organize your stay. We spend these fees before you leave. So if you change your mind, we will neither be able to cover this spending nor to refund you.  


When we send an application abroad, we make a commitment to our partner: we commit to hold a place for one of its volunteers on our projects in Quebec. In order to reserve it, we need to commit resources which are also non-refundable for us.