Do you:
  • Have an idea for a project that will have a lasting impact on your organization and community?
  • Want to involve youth volunteers in your organization’s success?
  • Wish to develop a trust-based relationship with the youth volunteers that you will be mentoring and work alongside them to achieve your organizational goals?

In the current context of physical distancing, Chantiers jeunesse has felt the need to adapt our usual site-based volunteer programs in order to lend a hand in a different way while still delivering an interactive and enriching experience both for our volunteers and our host partners.

Chantiers jeunesse is on the lookout for host partners with exciting local or regional development projects, who could benefit from the work, input and motivation of one or multiple youth volunteers. If you are a non-profit organization, municipality, band council or Canadian public institution and you have a project in mind, you can host a Chantiers jeunesse volunteer project.

No matter which program you choose, volunteers matched to your organisation will have the opportunity to gain and develop professional skills within a community context.

What is a virtual volunteering project?

Our virtual volunteer projects will be undertaken by a multicultural group of volunteers, entirely from a distance. Each group is composed of up to to 10 volunteers from all over Canada, and is supported by a group leader. The inspiration for your volunteer project will come directly from you and will meet the needs of your community or organization. Our volunteers will be trained and supported to help you reach your goals. 

More information about our virtual volunteering projects

What is a mid- to long-term volunteering project?

A Mid to Long-Term Volunteering (MTV) project is an exchange between a volunteer who gives their time, work and energy to a community-focused project and a host organisation. Your organisation will act as a mentor to the volunteer by providing them with the opportunity to develop professional skills and their sense of initiative through continued support for the duration of the placement.

More information about our MTV projects

Who are our volunteers?

With a variety of life and work experiences, our volunteers are highly motivated to learn and become active and engaged citizens in Canadian communities. These participants choose a volunteer project based on their personal interests, and are eager to discover your community and take the steps needed to volunteer for a cause that they truly believe in.

  • Be a non-profit organization, municipality, band council or Canadian public agency;
  • Have a detailed work project that will allow you to make a lasting difference in your community or organization;
  • Dedicate a member of your team to be responsible for the success of the project.
Submit a project proposal

To submit a project proposal, please return the corresponding form by e-mail:

Virtual volunteering project form (to be submitted before June 22nd, 2020)

Mid- to long-term volunteering project form

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at It will be our pleasure to discuss your options with you!