What is a workcamp?

A workcamp is a volunteer project led by a multicultural group aiming to better your community’s quality of life. Our volunteers carry out a range of activities (environment, renovation, heritage, culture and society) according to your needs! The volunteer group works approximately 30 hours per week for two to three weeks. 

Who are the volunteers?

Groups are made of some 15 volunteers aged 18 to 30 who are from Canada and abroad. During the workcamp, they’re under the supervision of one or two camp leaders.

Accommodation and meals

Room and board are provided for the volunteers during the workcamp. Accommodations depend on the project. Groups can live in community centres, dormitories or tents.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be a non-for profit organization, municipality, band council or Canadian public agency.
  • You need to have a detailed and sustainable work project that betters your community and is supported by its citizens.
  • You want to host a group of young volunteers.
  • You have to be able to provide accommodation and a weekly allowance.

Submit a project

To submit a project proposal, please follow these three steps :

  1. Read the  introductory document for host partners
  2. Fill the project proposal form
  3. Once completed, send the form to mtran@cj.qc.ca

Once the partnership confirmed, some official documents will be required:

  • A copy of the organization’s charter (letters patent) and its annual activity report*
  • An official authorization from the owner of the premises where the workcamp will take place if it isn’t owned by your organization
  • A liability insurance policy in force
  • If applicable: maps, plans and specifications, pictures, detailed description of the accommodation, etc.

*Not required for municipalities, northern villages and band councils. 

Pour déposer une proposition de projet, voici les étapes à suivre

If you represent an organization or municipality, want to experience an intercultural exchange and need a helping hand for one of your projects, please contact Mai Tran at mtran@cj.qc.ca