Eco-Leadership Journey

The Eco-Leadership Journey is a 6 months journey about projects of :

Cleanup Projects: remove litter to help create healthy habitats the wildlife and communities that depend on them and become a citizen scientist by using the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup protocol (in the neighborhood, in a forest, on a beach, on campus, etc.)

Urban biodiversity Projects: that involve one or more efforts to create or restore habitats that sustain or support biodiversity in urban areas (inventory of the neighborhood’s biodiversity (species of animals and plants), action against invasive species, urban agriculture, etc.)

Education on biodiversity Projects: that enhance or promote urban biodiversity through education or public awareness (school workshops, science initiation activities, projects involving educational or awareness-raising tools (interactive website, application, educational kit, etc.)



Volunteer project, what is it?

covid-19: Official statement to our volunteers

Are you hooked on volunteering?

Do you feel like a community service is missing in your area?

Do you want to organize an artistic, cultural or sports event in your community?

We’ve got great news!

Our Social Entrepreneurship Projects gives volunteers the chance to improve their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by developing and implementing their own projects from start to finish.

You can learn the foundations of managing a full-scale project while helping out your community. Projects are created in response to community needs, and they take shape as volunteers develop their network and implementation plan. They can also work with any resources they deem appropriate for their project.

Types of projects

Starting and leading a volunteer camp

Examples: Develop an urban rooftop garden, make a walking trail.

Organizing an event

Examples: Plan a music festival, sporting event or fundraiser like a fun obstacle course to support a youth centre.

Setting up a community service

Examples: Start a support service to accompany seniors on grocery runs, plan a springtime cleanup, organize a community kitchen.

See past projects.


We’ll give you networking tips so that you can get advice and information from the people in your new business network.

Implementation plan

Throughout the process, Chantiers jeunesse’s team and a mentor will support you. Thanks to personalized follow-ups (in person and remotely), you’ll be able to carry out your project step by step. We’ll help you set deadlines, create a budget and assess HR and technical needs.

  • You may receive financial aid based on what you need to get your project up and running. These funds can be used as leverage to raise more money for your community project.

For more information, click here.

  • If you need supporting volunteers for your project, Chantiers jeunesse volunteers can help you with your project for two to three weeks, e.g., as a volunteer camp.
  • You must include your technical and material resources in your project planning.

Since you’re in charge, you’ll see what’s involved in an entrepreneurship project by managing a social development project.


The full duration of the project, from registration to final assessment, can take between 6 and 12 months in an intermittent way. 

The Entrepreneurship Projects program runs year-round.


It’s free! Transportation, accommodation and food are provided.

Please set a budget for personal expenses.

The included services are:

  • The training weekend (for Leadership in Your Own Hands, and includes transportation and accommodation if required)
  • CNESST insurance
  • Personal support throughout the program
  • The participant’s guide
  • Access to Chantiers jeunesse’s educational platform
  • Membership for one year and ability to participate in the general assembly
  • The get-together weekend (for the Volunteer Meetup, and includes transportation and accommodation if required)

Eligibility criteria
  • To be between 15 and 30 years old on the first day of the workcamp.
  • To be a Canadian citizen or have been granted the status of permanent resident or refugee by the Canadian government.

How to participate
  • Fill out the online registration form.
  • Receive a registration confirmation.
  • Select a training weekend (the one closest to the workcamp’s start date).
  • Fill out the volunteer profile form.
  • Do the online training session and choose what kind of personalized coaching you need.
  • Carry out the entrepreneurship project.
  • Evaluate the program and go to the weekend get-together at the Volunteers Meetup.

Chantiers jeunesse is available to answer questions and provide support before, during and after the project.