Each year, groups of young Canadians (15 to 17 years old) from high schools, Youth centres, or projects with Carrefour jeunesse Emploi, can discover community engagement and live a rewarding volunteering experience in Quebec, France or Nicaragua.
Taking part in an initiative for community involvement means to discover your community environment and contribute by a concrete action to a project in another local community.Some examples?Renovating the Île Verte lighthouse building in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, restoring a middle age castle in France or school activities with children in Nicaragua.Taking part in a group workcamp also means taking part in an intense group life, acquiring new knowledge and learning to be a committed active citizen!

The workcamps

During the project, you will live in a group composed of 10 to 13 young people, and you will work around 30 hours a week to improve the living situation of a community. Thus, during one to two weeks, you will support a local organization while discovering a new region of Quebec, France or Nicaragua!


The first part of a group project is the discovery of your local community and preparation of the workcamp. This step enables you to familiarize yourself with community involvement. You will identify the relative issues while preparing the workcamp and raising funds.

Furthermore, in order to be ready to live this volunteering experience, your group will participate in training workshops—some given by Chantiers jeunesse—spread over four or five months, these activities will allow you to get involved, to develop a project that best describes who you are and to connect with the other young people of your group.

Realization of the work project

This step enables you to live both a great volunteering involvement and an intense group experience in an organization located in another region of Quebec or abroad. With the resource person of your school—or Youth Centre—and a camp leader from Chantiers Jeunesse, your group will integrate in a community to support a non-profit organization with concrete actions.

Accomodation and meals

Your group will live in collective accommodations and deal with the food and activities budget.


The duration of a workcamp is one to two weeks.

Come back and commit in the community

A debrief workshop allows us to spend some time looking at what happened and what you learned. At this point you are invited to do several activities related to community involvement.

For example, you can increase awareness around you by presenting your experience to the young people of your neighbourhood or your school. You can also organize a little project to make them participate in a concrete volunteering action which will support your local community.