Module 3 : The volunteer blog (14/18)

Content creation

How to write an article for the blog?

  1. After choosing your theme, write your text in a Word document, Google Doc or directly in an email. You can also use a template from the Ambassador Team’s Google Drive

** Ctrl-Click to open file in a new tab**

  1. Once finished, send your article to the program coordinator (
  1. The article will be revised and translated before publication.

Articles are published monthly on our website in the “Blog” section. A Facebook and Instagram post will announce the publication of your article on the blog. It will be accompanied by a visual, a short description of the article and your name.

Don’t forget these important things:

  • Your name and your name on Facebook if you want us to tag you
  • A catchy title
  • A text between 200 and 500 words
  • One or more photos that can support your article
  • Your sources if you used external references

The only limit to the number of articles you can write is your inspiration and motivation!