Module 3: Propose an event (4/18)

Information kiosk

Suggest a representation event

By being part of the ambassador team, you can help search for events in your area.

Where to look?

Start with your own network:

  • Your school and those in the area (high schools, CEGEPs, universities)
  • You can ask the recreation technician at your school or the student association if they are organizing any events related to volunteering or community involvement. If so, write down these events and the contact information in your document.
  • Your community centre

Continue your search on event websites:

  • Here are some event sites: or
  • We suggest that you use these keywords in your research: volunteering, volunteer, engagement, involvement, community, youth.

How to track your findings?

Enter the findings from your research in the document named «Recherche Événement / Event Research» on the Ambassador Team’s Google Drive