During the event

Training events

During the event: your involvement

When you attend an event where you represent CJ, you must respect your terms of engagement with Chantiers jeunesse.

You must:

  • Be present and participate in the event for the total duration agreed with CJ
  • Represent Chantiers jeunesse positively
  • Use at least 2 forms of involvement to share your experience and have them approved by the program coordinator (create content for social media, set up a booth, etc.)
  • Talk to potential volunteers or partners about our programs
  • Keep track your participation (take notes and photos, collect flyers from the organizations you meet, take down the names and emails of youth wishing to do a volunteer project)
  • And above all, have fun!

If no Chantiers jeunesse staff member is present with you at the event and you need support, contact the coordinator of the ambassador program (Sarah: 514 349-3276).

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