Help maintain the pedestrian trail network of the Charlevoix regional county municipality and develop your skills as part of a project with social and environmental implications!


Volunteer Project


The springtime is a crucial and intense period for any organization that offers outdoor activities.  This season, Sentiers Québec-Charlevoix and its partners need your help.  Come restore these pedestrian trails to their full glory so visitors can have an incredible experience!


Environmental project


manual labor / travail manuel
Manual labour


Landscaping | Trail maintenance Campsite cleanup Painting building exteriors




Hosting Partner

Sentiers Québec-Charlevoix‘s mission is to develop, maintain and manage infrastructure designed to support pedestrian hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and biking activities. Among others, the organization manages La Traversée de Charlevoix, a network of short and long hiking trails and chalets that has been in operation since 1978.

The Coopérative de solidarité l’Affluent seeks to implement entrepreneurial, social and responsible projects in the fields of eco-tourism and culture. Their primary project involves showcasing and managing the historic estate in Liguori. More broadly speaking, the co-operative develops and provides affordable products and services in the eco-tourism field and seeks to protect and showcase our natural and cultural heritage. Simultaneously, it uses an inclusive approach to encourage community, cultural and environmental initiatives devoted to building intergenerational and intercultural bonds of solidarity that bring the local community together and celebrate interactions with visitors.



Camp Characteristics

   Group cooking





This volunteer project is open to residents of Canada. French proficiency is not required.

The group is responsible for cooking its own meals – Laundry available on-site


 Location: Petite-Rivière-St-François, Québec

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