Lend a hand to Camp Le Saisonnier by helping young Québécois reach their potential and adopt a healthier lifestyle

Volunteer camp project

Project for kids


The organization needs volunteers to revamp on-site buildings so it can welcome everyone safely.



Manual labour

Build bleachers | Improve, restore and create new modules for the hebertism trail | Do painting and dyeing | Do gardening | Weed the outdoor pool slabs | Install a butterfly house | Etc.



Hosting partner

The outdoor Centre de plein air le Saisonnier provides a memorable experience in an enchanting setting for everyone. It offers various cultural, sports, community and leisure activities. It operates, develops and maintains the necessary facilities for them. It also has programs oriented towards education, sports and relaxation for people of all age in the area.



Centre de plein air le Saisonnier is a certified camp by the Association des camps du Québec 


Camp Characteristics


Volunteers will be sleeping in dormitories on the site. The meals will be provided by a cafeteria.  


Lac Beauport is dynamic and offers a wide range of leisure activities. Surrounded by woods, lakes, rivers and mountains, this city is a destination favourite for outdoor enthusiasts. It is located 25 km from the national capital, which is known for its rich culture and heritage.

 Cities nearby:  Québec – 25 KM | Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier 45 KM | Montréal – 275 KM