Contribute to the restauration of Camp le saisionnier’s infrastructure and participate actively in camp life so that campers can live a memorable experience.

Volunteer project details 

Le Saisonnier summer camp wants to include a volunteer group in its efforts to provide a positive experience for all of its campers. The volunteer group will be responsible for general site maintenance, while also contributing to various group activities, including an intergenerational community garden and a small farm.

Planned tasks 


Painting and renovating various buildings | Planning and participating in camp activities with children Contributing to the maintenance of a community garden and a small farm | Weeding and basic gardening tasks | Help with preparing and serving meals to campers



Hosting partner

Le Centre de plein air le Saisonnier provides its campers with a memorable summer experience in beautiful surroundings. The centre offers various cultural, sporting and community activities, as well as running programs related to education and health for members of the community. The camp is certified by l’Association des camps du Québec .

Volunteer project characteristics 

Dorms are provided for volunteers. On weekdays, you will have access to a full cafeteria meal service, and on weekends a budget will be provided for you to cook your own meals. Wifi is available onsite.

Activities and attractions 

Weather and availability permitting, you will be able to partake in various activities on site, such as swimming, rock climbing, campfires, and more.




Lac Beauport is a vibrant community that offers a wealth of recreational activities. Surrounded by trees, lakes, rivers and mountains, this town is well known by lovers of the outdoors, but it is also a short distance from Québec City, a city well known for its rich culture and history.