Volunteers will participate in maintaining and improving local historical landmarks, and will contribute to Kinnear’s Mills proud history of bilingual living.

Volunteer project details 

The Kinnear’s Mills Heritage Society is working on restoring historical buildings to contribute to its tourist attractions. The Kinnear’s Mills community has heard about the project, and people are eager to begin working with a group of volunteers to breathe life back into its community and patrimonial sites.



Planned tasks


Painting various buildings | Repairing or replacing traditional wooden siding, windowsills, doors and windows | General site maintenance



Host partner

The Heritage Society’s mission is to contribute to the historical protection and revitalization of this unique community. They are also devoted to researching and sharing the region’s history. Working with a volunteer group allows the Heritage Society to accomplish more work than they could ever image on their own.


Volunteer project characteristics


Your volunteer group will be housed in a school building, and you will have access to a full kitchen to cook your meals as a group. Wifi is available in the municipal building, a few minutes’ walk from the school.

Activities and attractions 


Volunteers will have a large variety of options when it comes to social and cultural involvement: the community invites you to partake in various evening activities, meals and festivities in your honour. You will be able to visit historial buildings, enjoy local walking trails and swim in the town’ river.



Kinnear’s Mills is a beautiful village, nestled in the mountains with access to the Osgood river. It owes a lot of its charm to having maintained historial buildings, most notably a former school and four churches – which can all be found side by side.

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