I’ve participated in a project in Chibougamau over the summer.

At first I wasn’t sure about registering. I was coming out of a tough time and wasn’t sure if I could manage the physical and mental effort needed to participate. But in the end, with help from the facilitators and the whole group, I was able to redirect my anxiety into positive energy—which surprised me more than anyone! I think I needed to let go a little, trust in other people more, and, more than anything else, stop thinking about the worst possible scenario! Ultimately, I learned that there are caring people everywhere you go who are ready to support you, even if you just met!


Don’t hold off on registering, it’s the kind of experience that you can’t help but grow from!


I got to try out rock-climbing, volleyball, kayaking and tons of other cool activities!

If you want to take in some of Quebec’s most beautiful places, learn more about different lifestyles, and connect with unique individuals who come from all over Canada and the world, you’re in the right place! It’s one of the best ways to learn how to live collectively, with awesome facilitators and great activities.