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Contribute to the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem

Volunteer camp project

Environmental project

The Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre’s team is in need of a helping hand to renovate and restore a sewage wetland treatment area. This project will allow them to maintain a cleaner environment for staff, guests and the public visiting the provincial park. To do so, volunteers will cut back invasive species and will plant native ones. This area will then be used to raise awareness and serve as an educational tool.



Manual Labour


Cut back invasive species (wild blackberries) | Plant native plants | Repair and paint buildings | Build a fence | Etc.


Hosting partner

Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre offers various educational and adventure programs in a breathtaking environment! The activities target youth, families and companies. Staying outdoors allows visitors to have stimulating learning experiences, discover their full potential and become more adaptable in an ever-changing world!


Camp Characteristics





*You must be 19 years old to participate in ths project.
Volunteers will be sleeping in a large opend rustic cabins. They will cook their own meals. There will be access to internet. 

Activities on the island

Rock climbing | Hiking | Campfire activities | Farmers’ market | Interpretation activities | Hornby Festival (August 1–10)

Aquatic activities: Paddleboard | Kayaking | Beach | Snorkelling | Etc.


Nicknamed “Little Hawaii”, Hornby Island is located between Vancouver Island and the mainland, so a ferry is needed to access it. Almost 1,000 residents, including many artists, have fallen in love with its fine sand beaches and luxuriant forests. The project will take place in the Tribune Bay region, one of the warmest salt water swimming areas in the province.

 Cities nearby:  Nanaimo – 100 KM | Victoria- 250 KM