That’s already 40 years of commitment from CJ and our volunteers! Celebrate with us in an evening of sharing and laughter in between comedy shows and live karaoke! Drinks and snacks will be served. Come and have a good time with us! Your contributions will support our programs while allowing volunteers to engage with communities around the world.


On March 21, Chantiers jeunesse is hosting a fundraising gala in Montreal to celebrate the year 2020, which marks our 40th anniversary. The programme includes:

  • Performances from emerging comedians (Mathieu Chiasson, Colin Boudrias, François Tousignant et Audrey-Anne Dugas)
  • Karaoke with the Sarah Sokal Band
  • Drinks and food

You’ll be entertained all night!

Event Location

📍 82, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal (Québec) H2X 1X3

Tickets Prices

A range of contributions are possible:

  • Become a member (entry NOT included): $20
  • Entry to the gala (without membership): $25
  • Entry to the gala with a membership: $35
  • Entry to the gala with a membership AND open-bar access: $50

Tax receipts can be issued with ticket purchases.

  • $20 ticket – $20 tax receipt
  • $25 ticket – no tax receipt can be issued
  • $35 ticket – $25 tax receipt
  • $50 ticket – $35 tax receipt

What will the budget go towards?

The funds raised will be used to improve the quality of our programs and services, not only for this evening, but for future projects as well.

Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit organization created in 1980 to foster the development of young active and committed citizens as well as the development of communities.

The funds will therefore be used to directly support the organization and to fund projects around the world.

The origin of this event

The idea came to us as our 40th anniversary approached. The goal of this evening is to start off 2020 and our anniversary in order to support another fundraising gala to be held on September 12.

We are also committed to supporting emerging comedians, which is why the evening’s entertainment features so much young talent.