What would you tell to someone in order to motivate them to participate in a Chantiers Jeunesse project?

I would tell them that the experience is unforgettable..

The situations you get put in are unpredictable and having to deal with them head on is a really rewarding experience that changes the way you look at things. You get pushed out of your comfort zone and are forced to examine yourself and your attitudes in a way that you would not be able to at home. The places you go are beautiful and awe inspiring, you get to be immersed in nature.

The people you meet like your fellow volunteers, animators, and workers at the host organization become like your second family and you learn so much about them, and begin to realize that every person has a unique story and can teach you new things that you will carry with you forever.

Frances participated in three volunteer projects with us this summer: Coop L’Affluent, FaunENord & Tribune Bay!