Intergenerational Summer Neighbourhood

Help implement activities programming and field trips that will lead you to lovely intergenerational encounters!


Volunteer Project

This chantier is a wonderful opportunity to come together for diverse activities! It’s a project that attracts a lot of joy and good humour. We can’t think of a better time to come together than after the pandemic that left so many people isolated!




manual labor / travail manuel


Multigenerational social and cultural activities, as well as sports | Experience-based activities like technology workshops and networking | 

Activities will be determined by the seniors and volunteers. 



Hosting Partner

The Fédération des aînés franco-albertains (FAFA) will bring together, inform and provide resources to 32,000 Francophone seniors and young retired individuals in Alberta to help them get involved and improve their quality of life. 



Camp Characteristics

   Group cooking

Language : French


  Edmonton, Alberta

Deadline to apply: July 1st 2022


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