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Volunteer project

This project gives volunteers a chance to work with their hands by showing them how to do general maintenance work on the grounds and buildings of Camp Le Manoir. Since it is a summer camp as well as a day camp, it tends to be quite busy during summertime. So, it is more than essential to do some maintenance work to ensure the safety of visitors at the end of the season. Also, constant innovations allow the organization to provide better service every time.




manual labor / travail manuel


Do maintenance work on trails | Paint certain buildings or camp furniture | Do minor maintenance work | Prepare the site for new hebertism modules | Do general groundskeeping (mowing the lawn, cutting branches, etc.) | Design new hebertism modules | Develop new sites on the camp


The tasks may change depending on the needs that arise during the summer, but the nature of the tasks will remain similar!


Hosting Partner

With such important heritage, this enchanting site offers and idyllic setting for our activities: camps, school field trips, private rentals and recreational activities. We can hear the singing, laughter and cheers from hundreds of children and teenagers who spend their summers at Camp le Manoir. Camp le Manoir has been a vital part of Charlevoix’s landscape since its creation, ensuring formative experiences for youth development and an exceptional window into the Charlevoix region for innumerable families from all over Quebec. Youth development, team spirit, overcoming obstacles and engagement are all key values at Camp le Manoir that have helped us grow and push us to look to the future!



Camp Characteristics







 Location: Les Éboulements, QC

Camp le Manoir is located in the heart of Charlevoix, offering a safe environment for youth to discover the joys of the great outdoors, fun recreational activities, the wonders of nature, and so much more. It’s also a site that’s rich in history and family-friendly 


Deadline to apply: August, 5th 2022


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Thank you to the 2018-2019 workcamp cohorts