COMOX, CANADA, JUNE 2023 – In order to help individuals become more resilient in the face of life’s challenges, a 6-day online retreat was offered in June 2023. This experience, designed for youth and adults, provided a comprehensive mindfulness-based program including mindfulness videos, meditations, workbooks, yoga practices, mantras, and much more. Participants gained access to valuable tools to enhance their mental well-being, develop a deep connection with themselves, and cultivate resilience.

This online retreat offered a unique opportunity to strengthen resilience and face daily stress and challenges with greater serenity. In addition to enriching content, participants received lifetime access to the retreat materials and could download a complete PDF of the activities once the retreat concluded. This immersive experience aimed to provide lasting support to those seeking personal growth and bolstering their self-confidence.

In a world where it is sometimes challenging to distinguish what is essential from what is superfluous, this retreat served as an essential space for personal recalibration. Its goal was to empower participants by improving their education, mental well-being, and ability to overcome life’s challenges through resilience. By addressing the issue of deteriorating mental well-being and providing tangible tools to strengthen resilience, this retreat was relevant for anyone seeking balance and personal growth.

“We must take care of ourselves to better care for others,” says one resilience participant.

About the Project:

The 6-day online retreats focused on resilience were created with the aim of enhancing collective resilience, starting with the most influential leverage point – ourselves! Nikita, both a student and a practitioner in health and well-being, has worked in various healthcare sectors and has received guidance from healthcare leaders in Canada, India, Peru, and Mexico. Nikita is studying leadership and is the recipient of a nationally recognized scholarship for studying compassion in healthcare leadership. She integrates Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and leadership in her workshops. It is still possible to visit the following websites: and

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