Montreal, Quebec, May 19, 2023

A group of young people shed light on the experiences of individuals with disabilities through a documentary podcast.

The documentary podcast “Differently Together” is an initiative aimed at exploring the challenges faced by people living with disabilities while creating a space for dialogue among its guests and with society at large. This project is endorsed by Maude Massicotte, co-founder and director of the organization “DéfPhys Sans Limite,” which works with physically disabled adults in Montreal, as well as Alexis Leydet and Marie-Hélène Tanguay.

Being disabled herself and a passionate advocate, it was a perfect opportunity for Maude and her team to raise awareness on a larger scale: “Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and accessible in every sense of the word. I always want to educate people about the lived reality of individuals with disabilities, and this seemed like the perfect way to reach even more people.” (Maude Massicotte)

The episodes, combining reenactments, testimonials, interviews with experts, and field recordings, explore various themes such as rights and universal accessibility, relationships, health and well-being, and intersectionality.

Maude Massicotte, the organizer, shares:

The objective is to raise awareness among society at large based on real experiences that encompass much more than just disability for these individuals: “When we focus on these individuals, we often fixate on their disabilities, but they are primarily human beings who want to live a full life. It’s also something we wanted to demystify.”

The show is hosted by conference speaker and TV/radio host Camille Chai. The first introductory episode will be available from September on multiple streaming platforms.

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