Chantiers jeunesse wishes to congratulate all of our volunteers for their engagement and participation in our Summer 2021 volunteer projects.

We would also like to thank our partners for their support: Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre,  FaunENord, Héritage Kinnear’s Mills and Le Camp le Manoir!

We are so pleased to have furthered our commitment to supporting young people in our partners’ initiatives within different communities. This year was especially unique due to the pandemic, but we were able to adapt thanks to the collaboration between our partners, CJ and our volunteers.

FaunENord, in the Heart of Quebec’s Boreal Forest * July 2021

Our volunteers traveled to Eeyou Istchee territory to contribute to the flourishing industry of non-timber forest products in the Nord-du-Québec region. Working with our partner FaunENord, volunteers harvested and processed local wild plants for market.
This project led to the harvest of an incredible 150 kilos of fresh flowers! Thanks to our volunteers, our partners can share many different kinds of herbal infusions made from local plants with the public.


The Center is Ready for the Season! * July – August 2021

We gave our partner Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre (Hornby Island, British Columbia) a hand with invasive plant eradication and cleaning the lodge. Thanks to our volunteers’ hard work, the Centre can welcome new visitors!
Even better, the whole team was able to participate in activities offered by our partner: hiking at Park Hellwell, kayaking, night strolls to watch the Perseids, and even workshops on Indigenous foods and medicinal plants. Our volunteers had a great time!

Tribune Bay

Makeover in Les Éboulements! * August 2021

Our volunteers headed to the Charlevoix region to help restore Le Camp le Manoir’s infrastructure to make sure it will be visitor-ready by next summer. They were able to bring a fresh new look to the large seating area, put together a new play structure for campers, and reinforce the safety of different parts of the adventure course with straw. This project helped our volunteers develop new maintenance, gardening and painting skills, all while exploring the bucolic rolling hills of Les Éboulements.

Les éboulements

Heritage Conservation * August 2021

Our volunteers traveled to Kinnear’s Mills to meet up with our partner Héritage Kinnear’s Mills, an organization that works to promote the community’s history and its heritage site. For this project, volunteers repainted heritage buildings, renovated doors and worn-down framing, and much more! Their work helped revitalize a picturesque village. Not only that, our volunteers were able to learn about the fabulous 19th-century history of the Hautes-Appalaches townships.

Kinnears Mills

Video Project Underway! * September 2021

Last but not least, the ongoing Connexion 360⁰ is a cultural pilot project in which volunteers participate in scripting and directing an engaged short film. Each group is accompanied by screenwriter Samuel Violette, director-screenwriter Sara Ben-Saud and director Gabriel Bissonnette. The project helps young people convey their vision of the ties that connect us all: our cultures, our values, our ideas—in short, our 360⁰ connection!

360 connection

Chantiers jeunesse gives young people aged 18 to 30 the possibility to get involved and commit to a volunteer project, allowing them to have experiences off the beaten path and learn new skills they can apply in their lives.

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