Élodie Benoit

You have already entirely deviated from your path or want to experiment with something else, but don’t have the courage? If that’s the case, I encourage you to read this text about my journey.

A Brief Introduction to My Background

With my strong artistic side, I have always been drawn to every art form. From a young age, I had a great interest in music and dance, which followed me to CEGEP. Unfortunately, during my first year in Musical Theatre, my vocal cords got inflamed, which forced me to quit the program and reorient myself. So, I decided to do a 180 and to go into a Science program since the environment has always been an important aspect of my life. Besides, I wanted to strengthen my knowledge about our world. So, I did one year in the Springboard to DCS program before I could continue my journey. Once admitted, I was fascinated by the course material. Despite my drastic change of field, I managed to adapt to my new program by working extra hard.

My Discovery of the World of Cooperation

At that same time, one of my friends suggested that I be part of an international cooperation project in Senegal. Given my poor knowledge of human sciences, I told myself that this project could help me discover a new field of interest. Indeed, my experience opened my eyes and certainly changed my way of seeing the world. Throughout this project, I bonded with people from the village. They value quick and timely relationships, an aspect overlooked in Western culture. When I returned, I had only one desire: to learn more about different cultures and the issues related to them.

So, I decided to be part of the intercultural committee at my CEGEP to welcome international students, guide them upon their arrival in Quebec and promote diversity in schools. After the international cooperation project in Senegal and my involvement with the intercultural committee, I realized that my interests in social sciences had become a passion. So, I decided to adjust my career choice at university and do a bachelor’s degree in Geography so that I could do project management.

My desire to contribute to various projects has always been growing. So, with the summer spent in lockdown, I decided to participate in a virtual Chantiers jeunesse project with the FAFA to break senior isolation in Alberta. I must say that this project made me realize what can be a social engagement and how much impact it can create. Wanting to be more involved with Chantiers jeunesse, I decided to apply to become an ambassador. Since then, my commitment to the organization has taken a step forward.
Getting involved at school and during my free time is now part of my daily life. Indeed, thanks to the opportunities that I saw and decided to take, I realized that sharing my time with others by carrying out a specific project allows me not only to flourish by acquiring new knowledge, but also to help others by building a better world.

Élodie Benoit – CJ Ambassador