The first workcamp in Quebec just ended at the P’tit Bonheur outdoor centre!

Located in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, Le P’tit Bonheur is an initiative funded by L’Œuvre du Père Sablon, whose mission is to promote an active lifestyle and personal fulfillment among young people. Le P’tit Bonheur is a place where nature is both fun and pure. 

André Martin, our partner, was there on the very first day to welcome the group of volunteers and show them around the site where they would be staying for the next three weeks. They were housed in a cabin called L’Annexe which, they were happy to find out, was spacious enough for the whole group to be comfortable. How lucky!

Volunteers in front of L’Annexe

The work 

Initially, the group’s mandate was to build a yurt-shaped kitchenette for the campers. However, after the extremely long winter we just had and the late thaw, the plan changed. Instead, they cleaned up the site, picked up branches, installed mosquito nets (which were much needed!), painted wood shingles and moved furniture–nothing could stop them! They were helped by technical experts on site, who were there to guide them and answer all of their questions. 

Marie-Josée, Eugenio and Jeanne in front of the Fortress

Intercultural communication

Many languages could be heard on site! At first, people worried that understanding each other would be challenging, but with time, the group developed its own ways to communicate. In the end, this experience was very valuable for the group as they learned how to use new references in their exchanges and is exactly what a workcamp is about! 

A busy schedule!

Located in between two small villages, the volunteers spent most of their time with the staff on site with who they enjoyed water activities during the day and bonfires at night. Cultural activities around the area were also planned by the group. Real epicureans, our volunteers tried everything they could: poutine, microbreweries, wild meat, artisanal ice cream and bakeries! 

On May 31st, it was Neighbours’ day and the group took it as an opportunity to meet the citizens from Lac-Supérieur. They put on a Chantiers jeunesse stand in the park and spent the day talking with the locals. Many were curious to learn more about their presence in the community and asked a lot of questions. 

The journey ended with a fun BBQ hosted by one of the staff.  When they left on the next day, they all had a smile on their face but had very heavy hearts. 

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