Emilie, ICeland

“Thanks to Chantiers jeunesse, I spent two weeks helping an Icelandic small town in the western fjords. I was working with two Russians, a Welsh, a German girl, an English girl, a polish girl and an American guy. We contributed to improve the environment of a really welcoming fishing village. It never rained, was never night! We picked trashes in rivers, on the beach, we renovated a camping by removing weeds, scraping the ground and spreading peat. It is tough to sum up all the memories of this experience. Life in groupe was surprisingly easy. Each of us wanted to learn about all the others. I tried to make them discover our culture. For example, one night everybody tasted poutine and sang Jean Leloup’s “I lost my baby”! After such an amazing trip, I am sure to do volunteering work again and I encourage anyone to do the same.”